Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Patterns for sale!

Good morning everyone,

It's been awhile since I've posted- I've been a busy bee and  proud to have launched my second pattern: 

 Berry Bunch Brooch

I have to thank Becky, the owner of The Fabric Warehouse in Lakeland, Florida.  She was already carrying my pattern for the Kafflower (see below) and asked if I could come up with a special product to offer at the Strawberry Festival going on here in central Florida.  And here it is!

So far it was a great seller at a quilt show where Fabric Warehouse was a vendor.  I had the privilege of working at their booth at this show, which was such a great insight into customer reaction to the patterns.  What a great experience!!

Here is my first pattern:

The Kafflower Brooch

This pattern is near and dear to my heart.  I created the pattern to teach to 3 lovely groups of ladies in Argentina.  My dear friend Cecilia there helped set  this up, which was super motivating and supportive of her.  Thank you Ceci!!!  Gracias, alumnas!!

This was the moment that I realized how much I love to teach and share crafts- just as much as making them myself!  Thus, my pattern biz was born.

I have 8 more patterns in the works, and can't wait to get them out!

Look for the stores that carry my patterns ( La Todera  brand) in the sidebar on the left.
Patterns are also available in my Etsy store, in regular and PDF form.

Have a bloomin' great day!!