Friday, June 20, 2014

My New Book- Adventures in Fabric, La Todera Style!

I feel like I've been holding my breath-  I'm so proud to announce the upcoming release of my first book! - Adventures in Fabric, La Todera Style

Release date: Nov 1, 2014

 To give you an idea what the book will contain, I'm lifting the description that Stash Books (my amazing publisher) has given my tome….

"This festive collection from designer Julie Creus brings together bright fabrics, ingenious construction methods, and a large dash of whimsy to make 3-D effects like you’ve never seen before in fabric. Create usable art with ingenious new techniques for fabric folding, fusing, weaving, and thread wrapping. Get 20 vibrant projects—jewelry, table decor, pillows, sewing accessories, holiday decorations, children’s softies, and balls—for the price of 3 individual La Todera patterns. Scrap-friendly projects are usable as well as beautiful—and they’re fun to make. Julie’s inventive methods make the sewing easy, whether you are a beginning or expert sewist."

This book has been so long in the making.  I've been stashing away key designs in a notebook, just waiting for the right time in the life of my business to mold into a book.  So it's chock full of choice designs!  I collaborated with fabrics from only my very favorite designers.

One of the parts of the book I'm most chuffed about are the endorsements from three of my favorite people:

Kaffe FassettBrandon Mablyand Marcia Derse
(Every time I remember that bit, I think I must be dreaming.)  

I left it all on the dance floor with this book. I'm exhausted, exhilarated- and can't wait to do it again!!

Thanks to all of the people that helped make this possible. My heart is full. :)
I couldn't have asked for a better publisher, editors, designers, marketing team.  Family and friends- all so supportive and helpful, and understanding when I was crazed with deadlines and details. :)

I'll leave you all with an image from one of my very favorite projects in the book, the Peacock Pincushion.  This pattern is dedicated to Amy Marson, the publisher of C&T Stash books, a woman I admire ever so much, and with whom I share an inexplicable, crazy love of peacocks :)

The Peacock Pincushion, one of my fave projects in 'Adventures in Fabric'

More will be revealed…

Friday, June 13, 2014

My home girl, Cheryl Sleboda and her new DVD on fabric manipulation!!

So I met Cheryl Sleboda on my previous adventure in Ohio, taping segments for Quilting Arts TV.  (See blog post. ) Fortuitously, Cheryl was also there.  I was first drawn to her midwestern friendliness and cool hair (that's her below.)

Cheryl Sleboda, mistress of fabric manipulation.  Like that Tshirt?  That's her own rad design!! Get your own here.

We got to talking in the green room-and what's her specialty??  Fabric manipulation!!!!  OMG.  I don't think I've actually met ANYONE as crazy about fabric manipulation as I am!!  Two peas in a (fabric) pod, I tell you.

It turns out Cheryl was at the studio to film her new DVD, "Heirloom Sewing Techniques for Today's Quilter ."  When she asked me to be on her blog hop to review it, I wasted no time in saying YES!!!! Yahoooey!!!!

Get yours here now.

So, a lil' bit about the DVD.  It was produced by Interweave, a leader in the industry for quilting videos, TV programs, and quilting magazines.  Ergo, the production is amazing.  You can order it here:

And you can get it as an instant download or a hard copy DVD.  Your choice.


On to my thoughts.

This video is beautifully shot on a beautiful set.  The camera just loves Cheryl and her beautiful self!  She is engaging, speaks with confidence, and dangit, I just love her midwestern accent (being from Chicago myself, I can't help but find it soothing...)

Miss Manipulation (aka, Cheryl Sleboda,) looking fab.

The video is all about my very favorite subject- fabric manipulation techniques!!!  It's just fantastic!

 Check out some of the techniques show in the video- how yummy are these???

Cheryl first talks about what materials are best for the techniques she discusses.  My fave tool she talks about is her very own marking ruler!  What a genius idea and such a looks so simple to use!!  You can tell that this girl is part fabric romantic and part scientist!

Want your own?  Click here.

Next, Cheryl goes on to talk about some heirloom hand smocking techniques. Some are using her grid, and others use different marking tools to do say, circles.  Although these are age old techniques,  Cheryl's method and fabric choices make them thoroughly modern.

The next section talks about making fabric look 3-D using your sewing machine.  Who knew?  As I was watching this section,  I was getting all kinds of ideas about how to use these methods for details not only on quilts, but on handbags, garments, etc.

My favorite section of all was what I call the eye candy section- where Cheryl showed several quilt blocks, mini quilts and a fab round smocked pillow, all which used the techniques outlined in the DVD.  If anything, I wish this section was longer!  Cheryl's projects are so intriguing that I could just look at them all day long!  I would advise to watch this end section first, so as you are watching the instructional sections of the video, you can start imagining how you would use these methods for your own fun creations.

So my review is a double thumbs up!!  If you'd like your own copy of this DVD, hop on over to ___
To find out more about Cheryl and her antics, check out her website  You can find all her deets there, including her bio, and links to her blog and Facebook page (don't forget to like it!)

How about a GIVEAWAY!! Cheryl has generously donated an Heirloom Smocking Template ruler!

See the giveaway details on the La Todera Facebook page!!  (Limited to US participants only)

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