Monday, June 20, 2011

Show-n-Tell Monday

So today is Show-n-Tell Monday.  Ok, I just made that up.  But I do want to show-n-tell the quilt I just finished.
I used a variation on the Red Diamonds Quilt, found in 'Passionate Patchwork' by Kaffe Fasset.  One border was eliminated and I also made the quilt in a sofa size instead of the humongous one in the book.
As I was binding this in my Modern Quilt Guild sew day, lots of people asked me how I kept the diamonds from stretching as I sewed.  The answer: spray starch BEFORE cutting the fabric.  Plus, these diamonds have 2 straight edges.  That definitely helps.
This quilt is going to a dear friend of mine starting a new phase in her life.  I wanted it to be joyous looking, and also to be in colors she would look great in.  Truthfully, she looks great in anything, but you get the idea...

So here is one of my kitties, Shu-Shu.  Poor thing, she thought the quilt was for her.  Of course, she thinks that just by sitting on something, she can claim it for herself...

Quilting was done in a continuous 1/4" outline with variegated thread.

Here is Shu-Shu sneaking time on my computer.  I'll bet she is writing to a friend complaining that I never let her have anything!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a gift!!

Hi Everybody!
I want to share with you one of the best, most thoughtful-est gifts I've ever received:

Take a gander at the business cards that arrived, by total surprise, in my mailbox yesterday!!!!!

Are these fantabulous or what?!  These were 100% designed and produced by my good friend and social media guru Jenna Compton!  She does it all when it comes to design.  And she is amazing, generous, talented, gorgeous, intuitive, and just the best. 

Also see the website for my fundraising venture with my kids:, which i looooove.

 Want her to design something for you too? Email me and I'll put you in touch :)