Friday, June 22, 2012

Sock Monkey Baby Sling

Do you like to make sock monkeys?  I do!  I never get tire of making them.  There are lots of tutorials on the web like this one, if you'd like to make your own.

I love to give them as baby gifts and embroider the name of the recipient on the hiney.  Today I made one for a friend's new granddaughter.  She has a big brother, 4 yrs old, who has his own monkey.  

So for a little bonus for big brother, I made him a baby monkey (from baby socks) and a little baby sling.

Want to make your own baby doll sling?  It's cinchy.  Just use a piece of t-shirt fabric!

First measure from the shoulder of the bigger doll to the hip, around the back, and back up to the shoulder (like in the photo.)   Add about 2 inches for tying.  That's the length of your sling.
Now measure the width of the baby doll.  Double that measurement.

Cut yourself a rectangle using the measurements you took. Make the long edge of the rectangle go against the grain of the fabric so it's stretchy. Taper the short ends of the rectangle into points.  Stretch your fabric till the edges curl under. (No sewing! Yay!) Now tie the points together.

That's it!  Put the sling on the mommy (or daddy, or big brother or sister) doll, resting the knot on one of her shoulders.  Now put the baby in there! 

That should make the baby doll very happy and secure! Don't be surprised if the baby doll goes right to sleep! ;)