Thursday, August 11, 2016

I Heart Strange Flowers!

Good afternoon!

Wow, it's so hard to concentrate on such a sunny, mellow day here in Orlando!  Going to keep this short as I have a whole lot of gardening to catch up on...

Here are a few pics from my porch and yard:

Lifesaver Cactus

Turmeric Plant

Dog Tail Cactus.  We call her 'Medusa.'

Lithops, or 'Living Stone' succulent

Baby pineapple

I have a big crush on this guy. We call him Jerry Garcia!

Macho fern.  We call him Jimmi Hendrix.


Mexican Petunia

Caladium 'Love Everlasting'.  Corny, I know.  And yes, I partly bought them because of the name...

In addition to growing cool plants, I love to study them as well- have you seen the La Todera Pinterest board called Strange Flowers?  It's kind of like a wishlist for my garden and patterns :)

I consider gardening not only good for my mental health, but it is ALWAYS providing my new inspiration for fabric flower, pincushion, and other types of pattern designs.  In fact, I consider plants and flowers a business expense!