Thursday, June 10, 2010

End of the Year quilts for Teachers

Whew!  The school year here in Orlando has come to a close.  The kids and I decided to make quilts for their teachers for 'end of the year' gifts.  Both kids had very special teachers that deserved very special gifts.

The first quilt was made for Liam's teacher, Mrs. Cheves,  queen of the 'Fantastic Frogs'.  I asked each child to cut out a frog from a fabric that they picked out.  They got fused and satin stitched on a background (cut from an Ikea duvet cover).  I used the new bamboo batting that's out there, which was nice, but i found to be a bit stiff.  Quilting was done in a meandering stitch in the 'water', an a flower design in the border, outlining all those crazy handpainted blooms.

Olivia and I then put together a quilt for Mrs. Krupoff, her fifth grade teacher, whose favorite color is purple.  This is the zigzag quilt again, this time with straight borders.

There are those handpainted flowers again in the top row! I liked how they look like little sunrises againsts the purple zigzag below...


  1. They both look great! What special teachers. I bet they were thrilled to receive such wonderful gifts. I've been wondering about that bamboo batting.

  2. Ju, They must have been wonderful teachers to deserv such a worderful present!