Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Quilt

Congratulations Luisito and Josefina!
This quilt is a wedding gift for our (OK, Santiago's) cousins in Buenos Aires.  They are the cutest couple ever!

This quilt is inspired by one I saw on the Material Obsession website.  The pattern was published in the Australian Better Homes and Gardens, but try as I might, I couldn't locate the pattern.  So I improvised.  This is a queen sized quilt.  The quilt is on it's way with some other VERY nice cousins who offered to cart it to Argentina in their suitcase...

I hope they like it!


  1. It turned out so lovely! Congratulations to the happy couple.

  2. Precioso regalo!!!!!
    Me encanto el diseño

  3. No hay manera de que no les guste!!!
    Es ESPECTACULAR!! Como todo lo que hacés vos.
    un beso grande
    Tu fan más fan.

  4. Wow love this quilt....can you share how you made this quilt as would love to make one too... Good luck to the happy couplt. Enjoy