Thursday, March 10, 2011

National Women's Day

Just found out today is National Women's Day.  No, I didn't get any presents or anything today (did you?)- I just stumbled across this fact on the net.  Seems like a good idea anyways.  I really liked this post which featured a free downloadable poster:

So if you didn't get any presents either, go get your own flowers.  Or print out this poster! 


  1. Hola Julie,
    Yo me entere porque mi hija me mando un mensaje de felicidades. Pero, me gusta tu idea. Me parece que este fin de semana voy a ir a festejar atrasado, y comprarme un ramo de flores.
    Chau por ahora,

  2. I didn't know either. (So obviously, I didn't get anything). But my DGD is visiting, and that's good enough!