Friday, November 11, 2011

Classes at Houston

OMG.  Blogging 2 days in a row.  That's a first for me!  But wanted to divide up the Houston theme...

So after Market came Festival.  Festival is for the general public and includes a retail fair (fun galore!)  an awesome exhibition, and classes to enjoy.

As I was saying, my bestie Cecilia from Argentina and I had been dreaming and talking since forever about meeting in Houston and taking classes together with our favorite teachers.  

It seems like whenever we visit each other, we MEAN to do creative stuff together, but never get around to it.  So this time, with a lot of finagling, we did TWO all day classes together!!!

The first was 'Confetti Landscapes' with Noriko Endo.  Noriko, as you probably guessed, is from Japan.  Take a gander at her website, and especially her video that talk about her process.

Noriko in front of one of her fabooooooooo art quilts!

Basically, you create fabric confetti from solid, batik, and hand dyed (better if the fabrics are double sided- or you will be turning over a lot of upside-down confetti with a tweezers!) Then you arrange those multiple colors of confetti on a base, layer with fine black tulle, and quilt. Repeat with a second layer containing more detail.

Look!  I am twice the size of Noriko!  Funny that there is a giant and a dinky mushroom in my quilt...
Adding more detail on second layer

Noriko coming around to give advice
Second layer ready for quilting

Getting a little giddy at this stage of the day!!

Finished quilt before binding.  Do I look tired?  That's because I am!  But in a good way!

Cecilia and Noriko clowning around.

Noriko adding her 'magic' to Cecilia's design
Ceci and her gorgeous finished quilt!!

My table-mate Susan Brubaker Knapp! How luck am I??

I doubly lucked out when I got a seat next to my pal Susan Brubaker Knapp!  Is this girl photogenic or what?   And I want that shirt she's wearing.  Anyways, Susan did a super cool quilt of her beloved Maple tree in her yard.  Not sure if you can see the quilting she's doing in the photo- a swirly bark design- but it was amazing!  Have you all seen Susan's book,
 "Point, Click, Quilt"?  It has been a huge hit.  If you haven't gotten it yet, run and get it!  I was so surprised to learn that Susan's photos that she works with in her book are with a regular ole point and shoot camera.  (and I was about to go get a new camera, silly me!)

Well, that's all for now.  Will write about class(es) with Kaffe tomorrow!

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