Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snow Baby Village Fun

Happy Holidays to all!

Every year we put up a Snow Baby village in our house.  It started when the kids were in preschool and kindergarten.  

I always loved Snow Babies, but the antique ones were just too expensive (and breakable) to invest in for the kiddies.  So I found some bisque ones that I started painting!  Every year I paint a few more.  I write the kids' names on the bottom, so someday when they have their own homes, they can have their own set.  

At this point they each have 50+ Snow Babies, plus a lighted Christmas tree and a light up cabin.

So at the beginning of every December, we crank up the holiday tunes, make hot cocoa (no matter how hot it happens to be here in Florida!) and the kids set up the village in our kitchen bay window.

I always love to see how they arrange the babies and what kind of stories they make up about the little groupings!  Here are a few shots:

The snowman makin' gang.

Yanking a buddy up onto the snowy porch.

 Placing the star on the tree top.

The little bisque houses came with a raccoon sitting near the chimney. I decided to paint the critters to look like each kid's cat.  Here is Rexie, Liam's cat.

And Shu-shu, Olivia's cat.

Even though the kids are preteen and teen now, I catch them showing their friends the Snow Baby village and pointing our their respective kitties :)  Love that!

ps, In case you are wondering, those are the same Snow Babies used on the cover of the Cream Puff Christmas Trees Pattern!

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