Friday, January 25, 2013

Fabric Heart Tassels - Free Tutorial!

 Fabric Heart Tassels Tutorial

Just in time for Valentines day, a 'lil tutorial for a fabric (of course) heart project!  Fabric Heart Tassels

You can use these tassels to hang from your purse, a keychain, a long necklace, 

your favorite antique piece of furniture,

- you name it!

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Sewing! Mwah!  Mwah!   -Julie
Let's get started!!

Wear your heart on your... anywhere you please!

Fabric Heart Tassels
Clip your tassel to your purse, computer bag, keychain, necklace, camera strap, -you name it!

Finished size: 8" long

 ............ Materials ............

  • (1) Fat quarter quilting cotton
       Shown here:  Large heart- Photochrome Petals #Y1098-47 by La Todera for Clothworks
  • Polyester sewing thread in shades matching fabric
  • Polyester stuffing
  • (1) Skein DMC Embroidery floss and embroidery needle with large eye
  • (1) Metal keyring or lanyard ring
  • Clear template plastic
  • Disappearing fabric marker
  • Fabric Heart Tassel Templates:  Download here

............ Preparation ............

Trace templates onto clear plastic.  Use template A to cut one circle from fabric.  Use template B to cut two circles from fabric.

              ............ Construction ............

1.  Press all circles in half, right sides together. 

2.  Unfold and trace crease with a disappearing marker and clear ruler. 

3.  Fold circles right sides together, matching marked lines.  Pin.  Machine sew with a small stitch directly on top of drawn line, backstitching at beginning and end of line. 

4.  Flip one side right side out over the other half as shown. 

5.  You’ll end up with a double layered cone, with right sides of fabric visible on outside and interior of cone.

6. Thread hand sewing needle with 24” of matching polyester (strong) thread.  Knot ends together.  Fold both raw edges down 1/4.”  Backstitch and stitch completely around border of cone using a 1/4” stitch (no smaller,) 1/8” from folded edge.  Leave thread on needle. 

7.  Turn cone right side out.  Stuff firmly with polyfil.

Tip:  Using small bits of stuffing will prevent lumps. 

8.  Draw up thread to close opening of cone.  Backstitch, and knot.  Leave thread on needle. 

9.  Insert needle through top of stuffed cone, exiting through seam about halfway down cone.

Wrap thread around top of cone and insert needle about halfway down cone and exiting where you began in previous step.  Pull tight to create lobes of heart.  Insert needle and wrap twice more to accent the indent.  Backstitch, knot, and trim threads. 

10.  Cut (3) full strands of embroidery floss 24” long.  Thread embroidery needle with all 3 strands of floss.  Insert needle into top of heart, under the sewing thread that divides the lobes, and back out of the top of the heart.  Remove needle and even up floss. 

11.  Divide floss into (3) sections of 2 strands each.  Braid tightly from base of heart to ends of strands.  

Tip:  Secure heart to a pillow (or your pants leg!) with a pin.  This will make braiding much easier! 

12.  Tie overhand knot to secure ends of floss.

13. Arrange hearts  as shown.  Insert all ends of braided floss through lanyard or key ring. 

14.  Tie an overhand knot.  Secure knot with a drop of Fray Check.  Trim ends of braids as shown and fluff ends.  


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