Thursday, February 28, 2013

O' Todera Lucky Shamrock Brooches Tutorial

O' Todera Lucky Shamrock Brooches

I can't help it.  I was predisposed to love St. Patrick's day:  I'm ¾ Irish.  I remember my grandparents teaching us to say 'Erin go bragh!'  I'm from Chicago.  I think all rivers and beer should be dyed green on March 17th.  And the real St. Patrick?  A total badass.

So adding shamrocks to the O' Todera fabric brooch crew- no brainer.

This pattern goes perfectly with the green from the Photochrome line of fabrics- the shading lends a bit if extra ooph to those 3D petals!

Make one for yourself, and more for your friends!  Click here for the link to the tutorial!

Erin go bragh!

Try a four leaf or three leaf version!

Shown here in Photochrome Petals #Y1099-21 by La Todera for Clothworks

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