Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kaffe and Liza visit my booth

Yes, that handsome, smiling fellow is really Kaffe Fassett, and the flame haired beauty is Liza Prior Lucy.  Me?   I'm the one about to faint...

Liza had come by earlier and startled me with, "Hi Julie! How's it going?"  Love her.

She brought Kaffe back to my booth.

Still ready to faint here...  Then I got distracted by that great shirt he has on.  Would make a great patches for my new handbag...

So here is Kaffe picking out a 'Kafflower', which I was told by several that he wore the rest of the day at his booth!!  (I did sell the most Kafflower patterns that day... Thanks Kaffe!)

A-mazing.  Thanks Liza and Kaffe for your kind words and encouragement!!


  1. Nooo mi Dios!!.Que bueno,pero no te desmayes,yo no quiero ni imaginar las camisas que habra lucido durantes estos dias jaja!! Bss.

  2. Julie!!!! Por Dios!!! Que bueno que alguien pudo sacar fotos de ese momento. Como no le pegaste un tijeretazo a esa camisa!!!??? Eso no tiene perdón..jajaja. Beso grande y CONGRATS.

  3. HI! This is Julie's daughter Olivia. I'm so glad for my mom and her hard work paid off! You guys all helped her to go to the show, so a big thanks and gracias!

  4. Julie, no lo puedo creer!! Cada vez siento que estamos mas cerca de que me lo puedas traer a K a Buenos Aires!!
    un beso enorme!!

  5. Volví a entrar sólo para mirar a nuestro ídolo!! Además de ser un genio del color y del diseño, es un bombón!!!!


  6. Es el Richard Gere de las telas ja!!

  7. Aaahhh, me morí de envidia Julie!!! Please, traelo a Bs.As.!!! Y sí, estoy de acuerdo con las chicas: es un bombón y esa camisa es espectacular!!
    Sos muy afortunada (por K y por Olivia, un amor de niña)