Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bernina Love

Tira, my lovely distributor at Brewer Quilting and Sewing Supplies,  casually handed me this brochure at the Houston Market:

See the Kabloom! pincushion next to the sewing machine above?!!  Aaaaaah!!!  I could hardly believe my eyes!!
This was an especially nice surprise since I've been a Bernina fan and user for 10 years now.  (Thanks to Ceci Koppmann in Buenos Aires who got me hooked!)

See the whole brochure to drool over the new 3 series machines:

Also note the AWESOME pearl head pins stuck into the pincushion.  They are called 'Dots of Fun Straight Pins.'  Ask for them at your local quilt store, who can order them from Brewer Sewing and Quilting Supplies.  The super cute tin is included!

Also come in adorable leaf shapes aptly called 'Lovely Leaflets':

In fact, I love these pins so much that I use them for everyday sewing.  They just make me smile when I use them and they are reaaaaally easy to grab!  

Not to mention that hey are also THE BOMB for making beaded Christmas ornaments...


  1. Julie--you are awesome! I am so glad we met at market--your patterns are the coolest! Truly, your patterns were my treasured find at market!

  2. Julie, love your ornaments!!! Great pattern idea!

  3. Love the ornaments and the pins! I am "in the market" for a new machine. That 3 series looks fantastic! I think I may put one on my Christmas list :)

  4. julie love your ornaments, miss seeing you, so i thought i would check out your blog, Beautiful stuff.

  5. Your ornaments are wonderful,so modern and fresh!