Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cecilia's To-Die-For-Jewelry Mirror

Hi Friends,
Take a gander at my pal Cecilia's jewelry mirror:  Look at the beautiful  pieces she found!  Look at those luscious pave pearls! Love it!!  Can't wait to go thrifting with Ceci next trip to Buenos Aires...

This is the lucky recipient, Cecilia's niece Camille.  A gorgeous mirror for a gorgeous girl!!
Want to make your own jewelry encrusted mirror?  See this previous post for the 'tutorial'.

I'm not sure what's more fun- making the mirror or collecting the loot!  Once you get started, I dare you to pass a garage sale or thrift store without looking for bling bling! (Don't even bother daring moi- wild horses couldn't stop me!)

1 comment:

  1. Me gustó más el tuyo, pero como no tenía tantas joyas tuve que tejer la base de perlas!!
    Gracias por tu post!