Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wall O' Fabric

Just straightened up the old studio, and thought it would be a good time to snap a photo! (ok, it's the ONLY time you'd WANT to see a photo. Trust me.
So here is all of the (quilting) fabric I own that is 1 yard or less. I like to roll the fabric and keep it in the cubbies of my Ikea Expedit storage unit.
Nine of the top ten cubbies are devoted to recycled striped shirts, all disassembled and ready to use.
You may have noticed I said one yard and under.... The bigger hunks of fabric are folded and stored in the OTHER Expedit unit on the other side of the room. That one, well it's not up to being photographed at the moment...:)
Let's just say I never met a thrift store or fabric sale I didn't like!

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  1. Cómo me gustó tu orden!!!Necesitás una mano para ordenarte el resto de las telas??? YO VOY!!!

  2. I love seeing organized fabric stashes. Hopefully mine will be one day!