Saturday, January 16, 2010

good morning,
i just got a question from a lovely woman in mar del plata argentina, asking to see the finished quilt of the image at the top of this blog.  the answer is- i don't have one.... (arrrgghh!)  i was in such a rush to finish it before a good friend of mine took it to argentina for me, that i didn't take a final picture!

the pattern was inspired by one of kaffe fasset's designs, but done with a completely different arrangement and construction methods.  i have made many of these quilts in different color combinations.

here is my favorite:

it's a quilt for my daughter olivia, made from her baby dresses and quilt bunting.  see that many of the fabrics are oilily, which was my favorite place to get her little dresses (on the clearance rack at the outlet.)

here it is, again in layout form before assembling the blocks. (twin bed size)  of course this quilt is extremely sentimental, but apart from this,  i was quite pleased with the final color combo, etc, .

i know olivia agrees.  she has slept under this quilt every single night since it was finished!

this quilt was a baby sized quilt made for my dear friend emily's baby graeme.

                                                                                                                                                                 detail of graeme's quilt

one of these quilts (done in a warm color scheme) was featured on the set of Puntas y Puntadas, a wonderful needlwork based show filmed in argentina and shown all over latin america.  it was a very proud moment for me!  thank you, cecilia, for making this happen! (do we have a photo???)

ladies, don't let a quilt leave your hands without taking (several!) photos!

patricia, muchas gracias por tu interes! me alegro mucho que sigues el blog! espero que desfrutas esta entrada, dedicado especialmente a vos!
besos, julie


  1. Julie i think i have a picture of simon's quilt in Buenos Aires. As soon as i get there, i'll send it to you.
    nothing of puntos y puntadas. Qué pena!!!

  2. Hi Julieeeeeee
    acabo de ver tu blog y me encantoooooo
    todo lo que haces es maravilloso y se nota cuanto amor pones en tu trabajo.
    Te felicito y voy a seguir atentamente a todas tus fotos.
    Te queremos mucho.
    Sandra y Delfi

  3. Me gusta mucho el quilt y las telitas también (con su valor sentimental), pero... lo más lindo de la foto es OLIVIA!!! Tenés un hija encantadora y preciosa!!!

  4. Thanks Julie!!!!!!!!!!! Hermoso el bolsito!!!!!
    Gracias por pensar en mi!!!