Wednesday, January 13, 2010

places to get (more) fabric

happy wednesday,
just wanted to share a few of my favorite places to get fabric:


i also get A LOT of my stash from the local thrift shops! yup, especially in the men's section.  men's dress shirts come in all kinds of crazy, stripey, colors, and are usually 100% cotton (always check).  i shop on discount day. i take the shirts home, wash them in hot water, and throw them in the dryer.  when i get a good pile of them.  i deconstruct them while i'm watching tv in the evenings.

now sometimes, my husband will pilfer one in my pile that he thinks will look good on him.  usually tho, they are too big, since i try, whenever possible, to buy the xl or bigger to get the most fabric! ha!

first i take off the bottom hem. then the collar and cuffs. then i cut off the sleeves and cut off any seams. then cut off the button plackets and the seams in the body of the shirt.  i save the now seamless fabric pieces, the buttons, and the long, skinny bottom hem.

i have been rolling up the hems into a big ball, which i continue to add to- why, you say?  i guess it's so my husband has evidence of just how many shirts he didn't manage to steal... tee-hee!

sometimes i find a women's cotton dress, or if i'm really lucky, a kimono to cut up.
keep your eyeballs peeled!

after all, that's how patchwork got it's start- from clothing scraps!


  1. julie: Que lindo tu blog, las telas y divinos tus ayudantes!!, ya sabes que me encantan tus trabajos.Seguire tu blog.

  2. Julie, me encantó!!!!!!!! No sabía que guardabas esas cosas!!
    Cuando contás lo de las camisas, parecés Jack, el destripador!!

  3. Comienzo a seguirte, me encantó tu gato y espero ver terminado tu quilt de presentación del blog. desde Mar del Plata, Argentina un beso.