Tuesday, January 5, 2010

hello toads!
this was my son's idea for greeting my fellow bloggers. just had to share (you'd have to know how much we love toads around here... it's a total compliment...)

thought today's post would be about the recently made quilts i took for gifts to argentina:

Sofia's quilt for her room make-over
twin size, inspired by technique explained here at film in the fridge but with my own tweaks concerning the ends of the blocks

Denise's quilt for her room make-over
also twin size, inspired by technique explained at film in the fridge

Ada and Rody's quilt
sofa size, inspired by this tutorial by crazy mom quilts here 'cept i kept the border zig-zaggy and just put a binding on it (ok, that sounds like a certain beyonce song- 'if you like it then you bettah put a binding on it...!) 
if you're wondering, negotiating all those points wasn't too much harder than doing the corners on a squarish quilt- just more time consuming!

made 2 of these, one for Sandra, and one for Eugenia
sofa size,  this pattern was my own invention using a paper foundation technique.

so my friends were wondering how i got 5 quilts done in 6 weeks. . .

  see my secret weapons above!! ironing  elves! everyone should have some!
we told all the quilt recipients olivia and liam helped with their quilts, which made all parties very happy.

ooh, and before i forget,  there was one bag-

maxi-bag made for adela
size: 20" by 27"
this bag was made from fabrics adela collected from family members plus strips of denim


  1. like no love the quilts nice job. :)

  2. thanks nurse vicki!! it's fun to talk 'quilt-shop' with you!!

    BEST OF ALL "sIMI´S QUILT" AND ALSO the one you made for Oli!

  4. thanks ceci!! your family has been a great inspiration for my quilt projects! glad you like them!